Specialty Chemical

A range of specialty silicone and non-silicone products developed over many years for specific applications in Australia and worldwide. The below products span across various industries and have been developed in conjunction with specific industry leaders.

Mould Releases – PF14162A

General purpose functionalised silicone based mould releases that can be let down in solvents to provide excellent release for polyurethane, rubber, plastics and rotational mouldings.

Processing Aids / Wear Resistance - Silicone 2044

Silicone based processing aid for use in polyurethane mouldings to decrease wear in high abrasion applications and improve surface slip.

Paint Additives / Hammertone Finish - CGX1000

Formulated silicone blend delivered in xylene. Disperses readily in solvent based paint formulations to give an excellent hammertone finish when applied.

Vapour Phase Inhibitor - VPI

A vapour phase corrosion inhibitor which is suitable for addition in oil applications, motor and gearbox applications. Prevents corrosion by protecting the inside of machinery through complete coverage of metal surfaces.