About Us

Customer Focused Australian Specialty Silicone Chemical Manufacturer with a Focus on Quality and Innovation.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, Flexichem is a family owned business specialising in development and manufacturing of silicone and non-silicone chemicals, including antifoams, for a diverse number of industries such as food processing, printing, automotive, agrochemical, mining and personal care.

The product range includes silicone polymers, silicone emulsions, silicone and non-silicone antifoams, silicone dispersions, silicone and non-silicone powder blends, silicone greases, lubricants, specialty coatings, automotive and marine care additives, release coatings, plastic masterbatch, antistatic and antifogging formulations, and industrial additives. Additionally, Flexichem offers a range of Toll Manufacturing services from packaging and blending to full product development and laboratory analysis.

Flexichem’s history is deeply entrenched in silicone research and innovation, and was founded by a university research group in the 1980 ’s. To this day, Flexichem’s team of qualified chemists, as well as their assistants, are continually working on product development, problem solving and fundamental silicone chemistry. With over 80 years of combined experience in product innovation, development and manufacturing, Flexichem is a highly reputable silicone-based company that is synonymous with product quality and technical support.

Flexichem’s extensive product range is supplied both directly to end users, and through distributors to customers in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Flexichem’s core focus:

The purpose-built manufacturing facility at Wingfield, South Australia, is strategically located close to a global transport network and is divided into separate manufacturing cells to cater for a wide variety of products.

Flexichem can rapidly manufacture and supply both the Australian and international export market, providing quality silicone-based chemicals to customers with short lead times. Within Australia, most products can be despatched and received within days of order placement, offering the benefit of fresher product with extended shelf life.

Flexichem has worked hard to offer a nimble, flexible and customer-centric approach to manufacturing, with the key focus on product quality and customer satisfaction within the Australian silicone chemical industry.