About Us

Flexichem is a privately (family) owned Australian chemical manufacturer based in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.  The company grew out of the Polymer Research Group at The University of South Australia (then the SAIT) in the 1980’s.  From an interest in specialised and novel silicon-based chemicals came a range of products for such industries as plastic moulding, auto-care, polyester resins and natural rubber products.

At the same time a relationship grew with GE Silicones and led to the development of a range of products for customers in Australia, Asia and Europe.  Flexichem now supplies and develops directly to the market place a range of silicone-based chemicals such as fluids, emulsions, antifoams, compounds and functional specialties.  The product range has also been expanded to include oil additives, abrasion resistant coatings, defoamers for harsh situations, and plastic masterbatches.

The company has always retained an emphasis on research, as reflected in the staff mix of about 50% degree and higher degree level chemists.  Research projects are conducted in conjunction with universities and research institutions, as well as companies having an interest in new and novel products.  A unique feature of the research is that the chemists have a major role in the manufacture of the products at industrial level and monitor the quality of the product at all stages.  A range of products are always being developed or improved, often in conjunction with companies for their specific needs alone.