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Flexichem is an Australian chemical manufacturer based in Adelaide, South Australia, supplying other industries and providing a quality manufacturing service. The product range comprises mostly specialised industrial chemicals and cosmetic raw materials, with a particular emphasis on silicones and silicone-based formulations. Flexichem’s onsite team of industrial chemists have over 100 years combined experience in the research and chemical industry.

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The company is made up of a team of industrial chemists, with over 100 years combined experience in research and the chemical industry, combined with a group of experienced production and support staff. Flexichem provides quality products, expert technical support, product development and problem-solving services for its customers.

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If you can’t find a product to suit your needs within our range of silicone, industrial and cosmetic goods, we have full capability to undertake toll manufacturing and look forward to working with you to solve specific problems and develop products to suit your needs.